Ropatec Turbine Offshore in Sweden

Ropatec T30pro turbine has been recently utilized in a very unique project in Lysekil, Sweden. The three-bladed vertical wind turbine is floating on water and driving the generator, which is also located above the water surface. The wind turbine stays afloat thanks to an underwater body, which spins with the wind and is stabilized by a weighted bottom.


The author of the project is SeaTwirl AB, a Swedish based company, which has opted for a Ropatec vertical axis wind turbine for this one of a kind project.

The system has been previously tested by the company on a smaller prototype in Halmstad.

SeaTwirl has several advantages. First of all, the system can be anchored in much deeper water. Secondly, according to SeaTwirl AB, it is much more economical to manufacture and easier to maintain than traditional wind turbines. Furthermore, the system has only two moving parts, using exclusively seawater as a roller bearing. In such a way, there is no need for gearbox or transmission.

The prototype in Lysekil was officially inaugurated on 6 October 2015 and will serve as a test field for many years to come.