The history of Ropatec S.r.l. (Bolzano) is an example of how a small company that invests in technology can become a market leader within a few years. Ropatec has gained success in many countries both with its Publienergy (Publicity + Energy) and other energy related products.




In 1995, the founder of Ropatec Robert Niederkofler started developing a new way of harnessing wind energy with vertical-axis turbines. The first 3kW turbines were placed close to the mountain shelters as well as in Antarctica with the collaboration of CNR (Italian National Research Council). These invaluable experiences and gained exalted know-how led to the subsequent foundation of Ropatec in 2001.

Within 15 years of continuous progress and more than 1,500 wind turbines sold worldwide, Ropatec has become the only company in the world that offers a unique product suiting numerous types of installations. Ropatec turbines can be connected with the grid, used for water heating or battery charging, and work with hybrid systems. Ropatec installations are also present in public spaces of such countries as Australia, Germany, Japan, and Italy.





Ropatec turbines are suitable for grid connection, stand alone through a hybrid system, battery charging, and water heating. Ropatec installations can be found in many public spaces in countries around the world. Ropatec turbines are extremely silent, safe and reliable, with high efficiency and low maintenance costs. The turbines are capable of resisting strong and unstable winds. 

The turbines are able to start operating at low wind speed and generate energy independently from its direction. They are designed and engineered for series production, and the small amount of mechanical parts significantly reduces the maintenance costs offering clients a product easy to assemble. 

In 2012, Ropatec placed on the market a new generation of turbines with the range starting from 3kW and up to 30kW.


Ropatec wind turbines are of a vertical-axis type. Electricity is generated through a synchronous direct drive three-phase permanent magnet generator. Magnets are attached to the rotor while the stator holds the windings. Such configuration increases the generator performance simultaneously reducing noise and wear and assuring great efficiency in power production. 

The absence of mechanical transmissions and the stiffness of parts allow the turbines to operate silently. The phonometric analyses confirm that the Ropatec turbines noise level is irrelevant. 

The vertical-axis configuration allows Ropatec turbines to take air fluxes coming from every direction requiring no repositioning aid as horizontal-axis turbines do. Ropatec turbines also spin at low winds.