"IN-VENTO" Exhibition - Riva del Garda 2017


Ropatec is pleased to announce its participation in the "IN-VENTO" Exhinition 2017 in Riva del Garda (Italy), which will take place from June 15th to June 18th. We expect to see you! For info visit the website: gardawindgarda.com


 IN-VENTO is all about micro wind generation, i.e. the production of electrical energy utilising the force of the wind with small-scale generators. Thanks to its low environmental impact, this sector continues to grow and is of great interest for residential utilities, both those linked to the grid and isolated situations, (with accumulation systems), in urban, marine, hilly & mountainous areas and also for small boats and campers.

IN-VENTO is also a place where technology, ideas and financial resources can gather. IN-VENTO will bring together experts and users from this sector, offering an EXHIBITION AREA featuring products, experts, universities, promoting the relationship between universities and industry and creating a culture based on the utilisation of wind as an energy source. But that isn't all. IN-VENTO will offer conferences and specific courses, involving top Italian and international experts in the MEETING AREA. There will also be a CONTEST AREA, featuring innovation and architectural integration, where two international ideas competitions will take place, including the presentation of the finalists' projects and where the winners will be awarded their prizes.