A New Installation in Antarctica

We are very pleased to announce that in November 2016, Ropatec provided to an Italian Research Instiutution called "ENEA", three wind turbines with a vertical axis SA40 model (10kW) for their Italian scientific base in Antarctica. ENEA is the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. ENEA carries out scientific research and technological development activities making use of broad-spectrum expertise and advanced systems and instrumental infrastructure located at 9 research centers and at 5 Research Laboratories.

The Italian scientific base in Antarctica (see photo) is called "Mario Zucchelli Station", formerly known as BTN (Terra Nova Bay), and has been operational since 1985 and is permanent. The base is operational during the months of the southern summer (October to February) and is the functional axis of all the Italian scientific research activities in Antarctica.

 ENEA were supplied with 3 wind turbines SA40 model (10kW) and 3 containers ISO"20 (see photo) containing: inverter, electrical panels and batteries. This off-grid power generation system allows the" Mario Zucchelli Station "to be completely autonomous, that is, thanks to the off-grid system Ropatec turbines, able to support the entire power consumption of the base. 

The brand new installed turbines have a modern system that allows the machine itself, and all its components, to resist at very low temperatures and in adverse weather conditions. It was also installed a remote monitoring system that allows us, from any remote location, to monitoring the progress of the energy production of the turbine and to check the operating status of the internal components, ensuring the Italian Research Instiutution a timely intervention in case of need.